Signs of Low Testosterone- Low t Symptoms

Signs of Low Testosterone- Low t Symptoms

Many men care about their testosterone level and today we are going to share some signs of low testosterone to help you identify low t symptoms in your body. Every man wants a healthy testosterone level. As we know that testosterone is really important for your health. If you have low testosterone, you may deal with some serious issues.

We will try to keep it simple so that all of you can easily understand what are the signs of low testosterone or symptoms of low t. Having low t also means that you may have underperforming testicles. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the 20s or 40s because you can have low t at any age.

Statistics show that in the 21st century, men are at the lowest level of testosterone. Almost 50% of what men had 100 years ago. This lowering in testosterone can start as early as you are in the mid-20s. Sadly, it is the fact. You will start to feel that you are getting older.

So, without any further delay, we will share with your signs of low t. These low t symptoms will help you in identifying whether you have suboptimal and low t or you have healthy testosterone. Low t is directly linked with many diseases in your body such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and diabetes.

Signs of low t (Low t symptoms)

1.      Low libido (low sex drive)

The number one sign that you have low t is that you have ow libido. This also includes your physical or emotional drive. It is connected to erectile dysfunction. You can also take it as a physical urge or lack of emotional desire. This is because your brain has lots of testosterone receptors.

2.      Feeling depressed or unmotivated

As we stated above that your brain has testosterone receptors and low t leads you to lack of drive and all. It doesn’t only mean that you have a low sex drive but also the feel like irritable. It’s also one of the symptoms of low t that you feel anxiety or depression. You dislike doing socialize or anything other than necessary.

Signs of Low Testosterone- Low t Symptoms

3.      Muscle loss

You should keep in mind that testosterone plays an important role in building your muscles. If you are exercising for gaining muscles but not getting a result. Also, other than you are not gaining muscles but losing them slowly. Then this may be a sign of low testosterone or symptom of low t. If you are losing strength every year or so, this may also be the symptom of low t.

4.      Increase in body fat

You might not believe but the unusual increase in the body fat can also be a sign of low t. Especially, if you are gaining belly fat or so-called man boobs or gynecomastia. This not only a sign of low t but also a sign of higher estrogen which is not good for a man to have.

Signs of Low Testosterone- Low t Symptoms

5.      Fatigue

Fatigue is also one of the signs of low t. This is a symptom of low t because as we know that men need comparatively less sleep than women. This is due to testosterone. Testosterone plays a big role here for example if you are tired and need naps, means you are having low t. But if you can work easily and can do a little exercise after that tough routine. You are doing fine with your testosterone.

6.      Memory loss

Most people are unfamiliar with this even the researchers but memory loss can be a sign of low t. As we have talked earlier that the brain has many receptors. Your brain memory is also loaded with testosterone receptors. Therefore, if you think that you are forgetting something regularly or if you are worried about dementia. Then you must start think to improve your testosterone level.

7.      Aging (Hair loss or white hairs etc.)

If you are accelerated towards aging like you are noticing hair loss or something like that. You may have a low t. We often see some men look young even if they are old. This is because they have a higher level of testosterone. So, better skin or healthy hairs and body are only possible at a mature age if your testosterone level is high. This is because testosterone is a youth hormone and plays an important role in all that.

Signs of Low Testosterone- Low t Symptoms

So, if you are starting to look old earlier than your age, its time to increase your testosterone. Now we have covered in another article about how to increase your t level. So, stay tuned, search for other health articles that you want.

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