The Locus Rule to stay motivated

The Locus Rule to stay motivated

Today we are going to share something you might have never heard of and that is the locus rule to stay motivated. Well, we all need motivation and we find many books, YouTube videos, music, songs and motivational quotes to motivate yourself.

So here, we will guide you about how to stay motivated using the locus rule. The locus rule will help you to stay motivated by revealing some of the super tips that you can follow.

The Locus Rule

A study was conducted at Columbia University in 1998 by a professor named Claudia M. Muller. She gathered large number of fifth grade students and gave them some challenging puzzles. Now, all of the students solved the puzzles brilliantly and here is the twist. Half of the students were told that they solved the puzzle because of their hard work and the other half were told that they did it because they were smart.

Guess what happened next? All the students, hard workers and the smart ones were given three more puzzles with different difficulty level, easy medium and hard. The results found were very interesting. The student’s half that were told that they did well because they were smart, spent most of their time doing the easy puzzle and didn’t want to do medium and hard level puzzles by saying we don’t want to do anymore. This was a sign of their lower level of motivation. Moreover, when they were asked about their experience and if they enjoyed or had fun, they said that it wasn’t fun for them at all.

On the other hand, the students who were told that they did well because of their hard work, spent most of their time doing hard level puzzle and also they spent more time overall. This indicated their increased level of motivation. When asked about how was their experience, they said that they enjoyed and had fun especially doing the hard level puzzles.

What you learn?

What we learn from this experiment and study is the Locus of control which means the degree to which one believe that it has control over its life.

The students who were told smart started to believe in the external locus of control which means they think that they did well because of the external factors outside their control were the reason they did well. On the other hand kids that were told did well because of the hard work believe in them and the term is called the internal locus of control. They believe that the factors that led them do well were controlled by them. They started to believe that it was their hard work and effort that help them solve these puzzles.

Final thoughts on How to stay motivated using the Locus Rule

We conclude that having an internal locus of control is the key to stay motivated. You must believe in yourself and that you control things around you and are responsible too. The external locus of controls kills you because you blame the world that it is conspiring against you. So, build up believe in yourself and not give credit to the outside factors as it will lead you to demotivation.

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