Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

In today’s discussion, we are going to reveal the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world. You must have thought once in your life about the highest paying jobs. Well, you will get your answer today as we are going to share with you the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world.

This article can be really important for you as it may guide you to highest paying jobs that you like. These top paying jobs are of different categories. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you are not interested in computer science or any other field.

The list we are going to share the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world is in descending order. It means, as you will move down the list, each job will be better than the previous one.

List of Highest paying jobs in the world

Following is the list of jobs that pay well and are best in the world.

1.    Front-end Web Developer

If you are a computer science student and you have yet to decide about your domain. You should know the fact that front-end senior web developer is amongst the world’s highest paying jobs. Many web developers are doing jobs that pay well. They are earning more than we can guess. It’s because we know that the demand for web development is increased so much over the past few years.

There seem to be no limitations in the demand of new developers. This is because new platforms, tools, new languages, and frameworks are here every year. So, if you are looking for how much a front-end web developer get paid on an average, you are in the right place.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

Technically speaking, you don’t need to be a senior developer. But your skills and fluency in coding matter a lot. In fact, your accuracy and speed are all that matters. We all have heard stories of some of the top developers who dropped out of the university. They started focusing on their coding only and today they are doing jobs that pay well. They are earning way more than Masters or even higher degree personnel can earn.

Finally, talking about how much a front-end web developer get paid, its around $100000 per year. This salary is an average salary of a senior web developer.

2.    Oil Rig worker- Top jobs

The workers who work in an oil rig are just like they are working in the gold. Not the solid one, but liquified gold. This job is quite difficult as compared to the one talked earlier. It needs your physical fitness as well. This is because much of the work is done manually. These rig areas are not in your hometown. You need to stay away from your family if you want to work in the oil rig.

These are rare places with very little contact with the surrounding world. Oil workers usually work in shifts and they are flown in and out of the rig via helicopter mostly. These weekly shifts are for you to meet your family.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

Talking about the qualification, this job is one of the highest paying jobs with low qualification. It requires you to just pass high school and you can apply. However, you have to get training for a few weeks or months to understand how it all works. This training can be related to equipment, welding, basic mechanics and also lifting heavy equipment.

People that are working in an oil rig can easily earn up to $100000 US per year. This isn’t it, because some experienced workers are earning even more. So, with this little education, we can say that this is preferred over other highest paying jobs in the world.

3.    Dentist- Top jobs

Well, we are familiar with the dentist as we all want perfect teeth and smile. Everyone wants a good dentist to help get good and healthy teeth. Unlike the above two fields, an average salary of the dentist is $100000 worldwide. The jobs we talked earlier are top paying jobs no doubt, but there is a difference in salaries across the world.


The highest salary of dentists is in Spain which is around $175000 US. But getting to this stage is not a piece of cake. It really needs a lot of education. A bachelors degree and then a Ph.D. That’s not all, you need training as well as many other certificates. At last, we can not neglect the fact that in many countries, dentists are required to work on weekends too.

4.    Lawyer- top paying jobs

Yes, a lawyer also gets paid too much and that’s why its one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world. There are several different categories in which a lawyer can choose to specialize in. Some of these categories are Crime, Federal and Humanitarian etc. Each of them has a little difference in their pay but not much.


We are talking about the average salaries of the highest paying jobs. On an average, lawyers earn around $110000 US per year. Talking about the top lawyers in the world, they earn millions of dollars. To become a lawyer, you need an undergraduate degree. You then need to attend a law school. After this, you have to pass the bar and take a year-long pupilage. To become fully qualified, it can take 5 to 10 years and even more if you want to become the master of this game.

5.    Brokers

Now we don’t write Stockbrokers in the heading because when we say brokers, we mean all kinds of brokers. There are different brokers like stock brokers, shipping brokers, foreign exchange dealers, insurance brokers, investment personnel and traders etc.


Now on an average, all these brokers make around £128000 in the United Kingdom. The average is little lower in the United States. In the US, brokers earn around $150000 per year and that’s why it is one of the top paying jobs in the world. These brokers often get an extra bonus which is equal to one-third of their actual earning. You need to have a college degree and wealth management qualification after that. We can take the example of “Wolf of wall street”. Leonardo played as a broker in that movie.

6.    Airline pilots

This job is also one of the highest paying jobs in the world. A high-flying job with a high amount of pay. We won’t tell you much about pilots as you know who they work for? What they do?



Talking about the qualification, you first need to be a high school qualified. After this, you will need to join a flying school program. You will then be able to get a license. Before getting the license, you will need 250 hours of personal flying time. Moreover, you will need to have 1500 hours of flight experience in a public airline. Also, you need to pass certain tests on a regular basis.

This top paying job allows pilots to earn around $165000 per year. This is an average salary. Obviously, the experienced one gets paid higher than that.

7.    Gynecologist and Obstetrician

This is also one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world. These are the special doctors that lead with lady parts and childbirth. These specialized doctors can earn up to $300000 US a year that is a huge amount. For females, this is one of the best jobs that pay well. The average salary of Gynecologists is more than $200000 US. This top paying job also differs in pay around the world due to some reasons. But in Europe, it is close to $200000 US.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world

Becoming an OBGYN requires around 15 years of education and practical experience. The first 8 years are of general medical training. Doctors have to join residency programs after their graduation.

8.    Surgeons

You become a surgeon, you can get one of the top jobs in the world. The surgeon can also make megabucks. On an average, they can easily earn up to $250000 US. Now the category of surgeons called “Neurosurgeons” earn way more than normal surgeons. There average pay per year is around $380000 US. This is really insane. I should have known this 10 years ago. A surgeon deals with the life and death of a person. That’s why they are paid much. In the UK, their salary is little less as compared to the salary of a surgeon in the USA. They need to study around 16 years along with extensive experience. You need to have a brave heart because you are going to see blood and all that.

9.    Anesthetist

The Anesthetist is the one that can earn a whopping salary of around $300000 and an experienced person can get paid around half a million dollars. It is a person who works in the development and delivery of anesthetics. When you are going to be put on the different operation, the anesthetics will do this. You need to have a degree in Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Mathematics. After this, you will complete medical school. Then you will have to do four years of training and specializing. A one-year internship is required after that. At last, the three-year Methodist residency program. This makes it a total of 15 years of education.

10. CEO

Finally, we are at the last and most awaited point. Out of the highest paid jobs in the world, this is it. You may have thought that it would be an actor or a sportsman with the highest paid salary. No doubt, these categories earn ten times more than we have mentioned in the above points. But we are talking about the average highest paid jobs and we know that there are only few who succeed as an actor or sportsman. Then which job is the best paying job in the world.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in the world
                                                       CEO of Amazon: Jeff Bezos (Richest person in World)

The CEO of a digital company is the one who gets paid highest in the world. Now, if we talk about the average salary, CEO gets paid $150000 US on an average. You must be thinking then why this is the highest paying job in the world. The fact is that a CEO can get up to $100000 US as a bonus per year. Other than that, they can get a profit share of $100000 per year. Also, they can get a commission of $30000. This can make their total income around $300000 US. But the reason we enlisted this category as the number one highest paying job is that this is the average salary. The top 100 CEOs in America earns around 9 Million dollars on average.

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