Upcoming Smartphones with 5G Technology (2019)

Upcoming Smartphones with 5G Technology (2019)

We are happy to tell you all about the upcoming smartphones in 2019 including the models that come with 5G technology. We can write unlimited words on this fascinating topic because just like you, we also love to talk about technology. So, why we are waiting. Let’s get started without any further delay.

As we all know that technology is not stoppable and it’s getting modified and stylish day after day. At the start of the 21st century, it took time to change or improve existing technology. But still, we know that after 2015. Smartphone companies were only improving technology related to camera and processing speed and internal storage etc.

We could not really count it as a revolution. But then Companies started to focus on producing smartphones with increase Screen-to-body ratio.

Upcoming smartphones in 2019 with 5G technology

We are all expecting 2019 to be a revolutionary year for most of the smartphone companies. Upcoming smartphones in 2019 will have few major and new advancements including 5G technology. First of all, it is expected that some bigger companies are testing 5G technology. Rumors are there that upcoming mobiles may have them in 2019. Other than 5G technology, the focus is on getting the maximum screen-to-body ratio. Every flagship will come with more than 90% of the screen-to-body ratio.

All thanks to the new infinity-o display technology also called the punch hole. This punch hole revolution will make our phone an all screen mobile by just having a punched camera inside the screen other than a thick bezel. The last revolutionary change that is going to happen is the introduction of foldable smartphones. Following is the list for all upcoming phones.

1.     Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G technology and Foldable phone)

As in 2018, we were hearing rumors of the foldable phone by Samsung. The rumors were true. Samsung is expecting to launch its first ever foldable in 2019. Some of the prototypes are almost ready and are in testing stages. But obviously, the final look will tell us how the device actually looks.

Upcoming Smartphones with 5G Technology

Samsung upcoming mobile is a continuation of its famous S-series. This Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be the 1st 5G mobile. 5G technology in Samsung Galaxy S10 is being tested several times. This upcoming mobile is going to have an infinity-o display which will give an amazing hands-on look.


Both of these smartphones are expected to release in 2019. Talking about Samsung Galaxy S10, it will join the market because we know Samsung launches a new S-series phone every year. Samsung foldable phone may take some time as it’s a new technology and Samsung won’t risk their popularity and success.

2.    Huawei P30 and P30 pro – Huawei Folding phone news

We all are well aware of the success that Huawei has achieved in the past few years. Huawei flagship phones P20 and P20 pro was highly appreciated and got positive ratings. Huawei P30 and P30 pro are going to release in 2019. Furthermore, Huawei upcoming smartphones in 2019 will be going to have 5G technology according to the news that came out. As we know that Huawei smartphones were the first to have Dual and Tri cameras at the back. P30 is most probably going to have 4 rear cameras with some classy results.

Upcoming Smartphones with 5G Technology (2019)

Huawei new mobiles are going to have chipset Kirin 980 and Qualcomm processor. The camera punch hole technology in screens is already launched by Huawei in a mobile named Nova 4. However, Huawei folding phone is not much discussed. But the news says that it will be available in the market when Samsung foldable phone will be. As discussed earlier, there is a higher chance that Huawei P30 will be a 5G mobile.

3.    OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 is going to be the successor of OnePlus 6T. As we know that OnePlus 6T was a successful smartphone with many fans. Moreover, the past 2 years were a great success for this new company. This upcoming mobile from OnePlus is not going be a 5G mobile but there are high chances of in-screen selfie camera because seeing the trend and OnePlus previous record.

Upcoming Smartphones with 5G Technology (2019)

OnePlus 7 will going to have 10GB RAM and a Snapdragon 855 Octa-core processor. Don’t think that OnePlus 7 will be of same price range like OnePlus 6T.

Talking about the foldable phone, OnePlus is a new market competitor and is not yet ready to work on this technology in 2019.

4.    Xiaomi Mi 9

Finally, the rising brand Xiaomi got unexpected success in 2018 mostly because of the quality of phones in mid-range. We are all aware of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. How this fantastic phone gain fame is well known by everyone. The mid-range smartphone was really a flagship killer.


Though Pocophone F1 was the center of attraction for Xiaomi there was also an expensive handset. Xiaomi Mi 8 was one of the most sensational and reasonable phones of 2018. Xiaomi fans are expecting the same or even better from them in 2019. It is going to have 10GB RAM and there are going to be 3 rear cameras. Furthermore,  a Snapdragon processor of chipset 855. The display is going to be large 6.4 inches.

Talking about the price, we know that in this price tag Xiaomi is really giving its users an outstanding gadget. But it is obvious that we are not going to have a 5G mobile from Xiaomi in this price tag but who knows. Xiaomi may find a place in the list of upcoming smartphones with 5G technology in 2019. It would be a big achievement for them.

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