What is Drooling and why you drool at night?

What is Drooling and why you drool at night?

Well today’s topic is quite weird as we are going to reveal what is drooling and why you drool at night. We will try to cover every aspect like what is drooling, what are its causes and risk factors and how to stop drooling.

Drooling is simply when a person drop saliva from its mouth uncontrollably and unintentionally. It is fine when babies do it and they do it all day. But when it comes to a normal person who is not a baby anymore, it only happens overnight.

Imagine you wake up in a puddle of your spit. Eww!! It’s annoying and quite embarrassing especially if you are sleeping with your partner or someone else. We have drool for once or twice at night but drooling every night is definitely not a good sign. So let’s find out in the first place why you actually rule. What’s the science behind it?

Why you Drool at night?

What is Drooling and why you drool at night?


When you are sleeping, your facial muscles as well as your swallowing reflexes reaches a stage of total relaxation. This is the reason you look so much peaceful while sleeping. This relaxation ultimately opens your mouth a little and if your glands are making too much saliva, you starts drooling. That’s why babies are drooling all day and night because they have no control over their facial muscle whether they are sleeping or not.

Well, in case of babies, it’s fine and normal but if you are an adult, it’s not. If an adult is drooling continuously or very often it can be a sign of developing disease. Excess drooling is due to other reasons like nasal congestion and neurological disorder. People that are stroke sufferers or having multiple sclerosis tends to drool more often and more excessively.

So, what we acknowledged is that drooling is due to the weak muscles or nasal congestion mainly. But it’s definitely not a sign of good sleep. Actually, it isn’t the right parameter to check if you are having good sleep or not.

Now, you know that whether drooling good or bad. Well, obviously it’s not good when an adult does it regularly and it can lead to chapping, irritation and breakdown of the skin. It’s not that bad if an adult rarely does it as it might be due to tiredness.

If you are drooling very often and want to know how to stop drooling, click here to find out some practices, remedies and treatments.

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