White spots on Nails: Causes and Treatment

White spots on Nails: Causes and Treatment

If you are worried about the white spots on your nails, calm down as there are many others facing same problem and stay with us as we will reveal its core causes and possible treatment.

White spots, white lines, white patches or white marks on nails doesn’t only affects adults or mature people 40 or above. But also many children have these white spots on nails. We often hear from different people that it is due to the vitamin deficiency. Some say that white lines on nails are caused due to the calcium deficiency. Let’s find out what’s the actual reason behind these white marks on fingernails.

Causes and Treatment of White spots on Fingernails

To understand the cause of white spots on fingernails, you first need to know that there are different ways these white patches or lines may appear. The way white marks appears on fingernails will help us to find out the real cause behind them.

The crescent shaped light pink color at the bottom of the nail is called the Lunula. Always remember that it has no concern with these white spots and is totally natural.

Large lines across the nails

Large lines across the nails are usually due to a nail injury. These dots are mostly big in size and appear in the center of the fingernail. The possible nail injuries that can happen are:

  • Fingernails sandwiched between the door and its holder
  • Striking finger with a hammer or something similar
  • Some heavy metal object dropped on your fingers

The treatment of white marks caused due to above reasons is just to wait for few weeks or months. I personally experienced a fingernail injury when my finger accidentally collided with the top speed Air Fan. I got a big red patch on my nail and thought that it might be permanent but after 2 months I noticed that it moved up from bottom to the center. Now its been 4 months almost, and it seems like the patch will disappear in 1-2 weeks.

Several dots on the fingernails

If you see several dots on your fingernails, they may be a sign of an allergic reaction that your body is goes through. It may be due to the reaction of polish, gloss or other nail products.

The cure of these white dots on the fingernails is first wait for 3-4 weeks. If you don’t observe any displacement or movement, then visit your doctor and let him know everything about it.

Moving white patches on nails

If you notice that the white spots on your fingernails are moving up slowly, don’t worry and just wait. Wait for few weeks or few months depending upon the mark, and you will see that the mark will vanish. The nail will grow and the spots will move up along with the nail and will eventually disappear.

Mineral deficiency

One of the most common causes of white spots on fingernails is the deficiency of minerals inside your body. These minerals are usually calcium or vitamin.

The only way to overcome this cause of white patches on nails is to eat healthy food and specifically the food that has high percentage of vitamin or calcium. For example, drink milk for calcium or eat citrus fruits for vitamin.


Onychomycosis is a common nail fungus mostly appear on toenails, but when appear on fingernail you must visit a doctor.


A rare cause of white spots on the fingernails is the genetic transfer due to complex syndromes like Bart-Pumphrey syndrome and Bauer syndrome etc.

What is Leukonychia?

These white spots or marks are also known by a famous medical term called Leukonychia. Don’t be afraid of the name as Leukonychia is also the discoloration of the nail. Leukonychia is a Greek word meaning “White Nail”.

Summary of White spots on Nails: Causes and Treatments

White spots on fingernails is not something you should give much importance. But if you observe that they appear on your nails for a long time. There are certain steps you can and should take discussed above. The main causes of these white spots are an injury to your nail, minerals deficiency, an allergic reaction of nail products or genetic transfer. These white spots have a medical name called Leukonychia.

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