Why Battery Drains quickly when using 4G Network?

Why Battery Drains quickly when using 4G Network?

Why your battery drains quickly when you are using 4G network and whether it is true or not? You will get all your answers today in this article so stay tuned and read till end.

We can’t neglect the fact that 4G LTE is way faster than 3G but many users have complained regarding the battery drainage. 4G LTE has great speed as compared to 2G/3G but the battery drains much faster than 2G/3G also. Why 4G LET has high power consumption? Should we have to sacrifice battery timing over speed when we need our battery last longer. Is there any solution to this problem?

3G VS 4G Battery drain test

There are many tests you can find on internet which proves that 4G LTE consumes more power and battery drains fast. These tests are done considering various situations like screen on, idle, surfing, buffering, on call, or playing online games. Click here to see 3G vs 4G battery drain test.

4G LTE Battery drain solution

When 4G smartphones were new in the market, the issue of battery draining so fast was on top. But now with the passage of time, this issue has been very much solved. New flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Note 9, Huawei P30 Pro or iPhone X doesn’t have this issue at all. Moreover, the successful production of Graphene battery will take smartphone battery to a new level. Find out more here.

Therefore, if you are facing battery drainage issues when using 4G LTE network, make sure that your handset is a newer one with latest android or iOS version.

This battery drainage depends on hardware and software as well. Over the past few years, IT experts and computer engineers have worked on both. The latest android versions such as Nougat, Oreo, Android Pie and upcoming versions are energy efficient and battery timing is very much improved with handsets having them.

If you are using a latest phone and still facing battery drainage issue. Then it must be a problem with your handset. May be the processor is not working properly or there is an issue in the integrated circuit.

Another thing that we all should know that since the creation of smartphones, the usage has increased by time and still increasing. For example, two decades back phones were used for calls and messages only and batteries lasts for 2 or 3 days. But today, even batteries are 3-4 times bigger and still the smartphone hardly lasts for a day. We can’t totally blame 4G, as we are connected to many social networks, playing online games has increased. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and many others apps like that force you to use more phone. 4G do consume more power but the use of all these applications when you are using 4G network effects battery even more.

Why battery drains quickly when using 4G network?

One of the top reasons for battery drainage when using 4G network is when you are in an area where 4G is not fully covered. Your smartphone will continuously try to find 4G signals if you are in an area where 4G signals are lost timely. If you are in an area with 100% coverage, you will not face this issue.

If you are streaming online, your smartphone will consume power as it will try to stream videos in high resolution. Other drainage issues and reasons are discussed in above section.

Solution to 4G battery drain

The simplest way to improve battery timing if you are a 4G LTE user is to turn off the 4G network when you are not using it. Specially if you are in an area with no 4G coverage, you should turn off or switch to 3G so that your phone won’t consume power to find nearest 4G signals. Graphene battery can be a game-changer. Find out more about Graphene Battery as your handset battery life will be doubled.

If your work or routine does not give you room to turn it off. Then you can save battery for other areas and make a balance. You can lower the brightness of your 4G smartphone. You can restrict background data usage of different applications that are not significant. The last thing you can do and should do is to avoid downloading when using 4G network specially when you are using smartphone for other purpose. Downloading consumes a lot of power therefore turning the screen off is a better option.

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