Why Men Gain Weight After Marriage

Why Men Gain Weight After Marriage

Today, we are going to share with you some interesting facts about why most men gain weight after marriage. According to a survey, mostly men starts to gain weight after marriage regardless of the fact that they are happy couples or not. Then what is the actual reason behind this weight gain after marriage. This interesting talk is all about the facts that why men gain weight after marriage. We will share with you all the interesting facts about it whether it is the tasty food that your wife cook. Or is it due to something else. Let’s get started with a beautiful quote related to family.

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.”

Why Most Men Starts to Gain Weight After Marriage

Why Men Gain Weight After Marriage

All of this debate starts from the teenage when most of the men are fit. And some of us who are not fit enough continuously try to maintain their physique and remain fit. But the interesting story of most men starts after marriage when they started to become a little bulky. Don’t worry if you are not doing it intentionally as according to some surveys some men do it intentionally. We will tell you the interesting facts about why men gain weight after marriage.

The one number reason behind the weight gain by men after marriage that is widely known is the fact that men starts feeling relaxed. This relaxation is not related to any events or daily routine. It is mainly because they are free from the pressure of being single. This is one of the reasons that men start to “let themselves go” and gain a little weight. Their body mass index (BMI) is totally disturbed and the starts to give that UNCLE kind of look. No offense, but that’s the truth and is fact in most of the cases.

Facts says that men don’t gain weight right after marriage. It takes a little time, when they have no child yet, they gain weight that doesn’t change their figure much. As soon as they have a child, they starts to gain weight because they have a feel which is kind of like they are a father now. And becoming father is becoming really aged.

Some people present their own perception about this. They say that the reason is because after marriage men get themselves involve in many social obligations like dinners and parties etc. Moreover, their physical activities start to decrease as their children grow up. They have to work hard and overtime for their families’ livelihood.


Finally, we conclude all these theories and researches about men gaining weight after marriage. Its all due to the satisfaction that a person get after marriage. This satisfaction can include the desire of sex, being with someone, being loved and being cared. All these satisfactions cannot be achieved by a single unmarried man. So, once men achieve all these satisfactions, they stop struggling for all like no gym, no exercise and no dieting at all. But if you are worried now that how you can lose weight quickly, click on this link and see our stunning article.

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