Why mobile data consumes less data than Wi-Fi?

Why mobile data consumes less data than Wi-Fi?

Why mobile data consumes less data or Mbps than wi-fi? Have you ever noticed that when you are using mobile data either 3G or 4G network, your data usage is very much less than the data used when you are connected with Wi-Fi?

If you are one of those who have the same question in their mind then you are in the right place as we will tell you about the truth behind this. If you are one of those who don’t believe in it or are always confused whether it’s just their thoughts or real, stay tuned for all the answers and ambiguities.

Mobile data consumes less data than Wi-Fi

All of us love to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network because of the speed and the efficiency of the battery etc. But it happens many times when you have no access to the Wi-Fi network and the only choice you left with is mobile data. But here comes the big issue, mobile data is limited and therefore there is always a need to somehow manage the data.

This is the reason that mobile data consumes very less MB’s as compared to the Wi-Fi. Smartphone making companies are familiar with this issue very much and that’s why they have indulge few effective changes. These changes allow you to just turn on your 4G LTE and start using without getting worried about the data usage.

How data usage is reduced when using mobile data

Why mobile data consumes more data than Wi-Fi?

When we switch our devices to mobile data, the data is reduced due to some minor changes. The software installed in the smartphones changes its behavior in order to use as low MB’s as it can.

The background data of different unnecessary applications is turned off automatically. All the apps that are running in the background stop using data for unimportant activities. Moreover, the updating process of applications from Store is paused in many cases. Other downloads are also paused automatically by the operating system. Also, if you are streaming videos, video will be played in low or medium graphics and not the HD graphics. You can also manually restrict applications to use mobile data and also you can set daily or monthly limit.

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