Why Muscles get weaker? Causes and Symptoms

Why Muscles get weaker? Causes and Symptoms

Why your muscles are getting weaker and what are its causes and symptoms? Today we will find out everything about muscles and why they get weaker even sometimes when we are trying to make them stronger.

“Being Strong is a choice, so is being Weak”.

Everyone loves to be fit and healthy and have stronger muscles. Many of us do certain things like exercise etc. to make muscles strong but it still works the opposite way. Let’s find out what are the causes and symptoms of muscles getting weaker.

Causes and Symptoms of Weak Muscles

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First of all you need to know what exactly muscle weakness is. It is actually the lack of strength in your muscles. When the strength of your muscles is less than the benchmark, it shows that it has become weaker. Here are some of the causes and symptoms of weak muscles.

Causes of Weak Muscles

Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy is one of the known causes of muscles getting weaker. This actually happens due to lack of proteins in your body and we all know that muscles badly need proteins to stay healthy and strong. Muscular Dystrophy is in fact a group of inherited disease that damages your muscle.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is also a cause of muscle weakness and you feel so much tired. You love to rest more and more as your muscles have lost their strength. Again, muscles require proteins and other important minerals as well.

Electrolyte disorder

Electrolyte is very helpful in making your muscles strong. Your brain, nerves and heart if not functioning properly, electrolyte must be imbalanced and causing your muscle to become weaker and weaker.


If you are diabetic, then this could be a reason of your weak muscles as diabetic person’s body cannot make insulin properly or use insulin properly and eventually their muscles get weaker.

Protein Deficiency

As we know that proteins and other minerals like carbohydrates, calcium etc. are very helpful for body in building muscles strong. Deficiency in proteins and carbohydrates can cause weakness in muscles.

Lack of Use

An inactive lifestyle such as a life without any physical activity, sports or outdoor game is a sign of inactive muscle. We all know that if we buy a new car and don’t use it and leave it for 5 or 10 years. Even though it was new and never used, it will surely not work, even its engine will not start. Just like that, when you don’t use your muscle for few months or years, this lack of use causes weakness in muscle.


Illness and infections can cause weakness in muscles as well but don’t worry as this weakness is just temporary. As soon as you get well, your body will recover that muscle weakness.

There are two ways of muscles getting weaker. If you are facing rapid or sudden muscle weak, then we suggest you must consult with your doctor or trainer. Else, if you are losing your muscle strength gradually, above mentioned causes can be one of the reason. If you seriously worried about your muscle strength Click here and see 41 causes.

Symptoms of Weak Muscles

Here are some of the symptoms of weak muscles. If you have noticed these symptoms, you might losing muscle’s strength.


You feel tired even though you are not doing anything that could make you feel tired. This is one of the symptoms or signs of your muscles getting weaker.

Muscle Tiredness

Muscle tiredness and muscle fatigue are little different. Muscle tiredness is when you use your muscle and it gets tired or exhausted earlier than expected. Fatigue is feeling tiredness even when you are not putting any effort on your muscle.

Muscle size getting smaller

If you are noticing that size of your muscle is getting smaller. It could be one sign of you either getting older or losing muscle strength.

Sleeping disorder

Day by day, sleeping disorder’s patients are increasing and there are different reasons for it like failure, tension etc. Sleeping disorder is also one of the main symptoms of weak muscles but if you are having sleeping disorder. It’s not obvious that it’s because of weaker muscles.

Final Thoughts on Causes and Symptoms of Weak muscles

This was all on why muscles get weaker and what are the causes and symptoms of weak muscles. If you are getting older, than you don’t need to worry about muscles weakening as it happens and it’s a natural process. Fatigue and muscle tiredness are also not the obvious signs of weak muscles as you might be tired after your whole day hectic routine. But if this fatigue or tiredness is unnecessary than it could be sign or symptom of weak muscles. Keep visiting our blog for more health related articles as we do vast research. Visit our health section as well to read some unbelievable articles related to human body.

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