Why my teeth bleed at night? Bleeding gums

Why my teeth bleed at night? Bleeding gums

Are you one of those who think “why my teeth bleed at night?” and are afraid of bleeding gums. Bleeding gums! Is it really due to them or is It something else? Well, whatever it is, you don’t need to worry at all as we are going to tell you everything about why your teeth bleed at night and those bleeding gums. From signs and causes to remedies and precautionary measures, let’s get our important discussion started.

Everyone loves to be healthy and smile wide but not with those bleeding gums, not at all. A beautiful quote related to smile is,

“Peace begins with the smile”- Mother Teresa

Teeth bleeding at night- Bleeding Gums

Why my teeth bleed at night? Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums or teeth, both are our core topic of concern today. This bleeding at night is a sign that your teeth may be suffering from plague that is built up. This plague needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible because it may change into gingivitis.

Gingivitis is a gum inflammation which is the road towards losing your teeth. Don’t worry as the road isn’t too short. But, by the time, you may lose your teeth or their strength if you stop taking care of these bleeding gums.

This gum disease or gingivitis may lead to gum separation if not taken care of. This will be harmful for the soft tissues and eventually effect the bones supporting your teeth. That supporting bone gets weaker and you tooth become loose. Consequently, you might lose your tooth.

People who often smoke or love to chew tobacco may suffer from gingivitis. Diabetics or people consuming lots of medicines also face gum disease or bleeding gums problem.

Teeth bleeding treatment and precautions

As teeth or gum bleeding happens in an area which cannot be seen by naked eye usually. What happens most often is that you wake up in the morning and might feel little taste of blood in your mouth. When you spit, your saliva contains blood.

Stop Smoking

As mentioned above, if you often smoke, and facing the bleeding gum issue. Smoking might be the reason and quitting or reducing this habit may solve your gum disease problem. Other than gum disease, we all know that smoking leads you to cancer and ruins your immune system.

Increase Vitamin C intake

You may not believe but Vitamin C indirectly helps a lot from suffering bleeding gums. Vitamin C better your immune system and when immune system is working fine, gum inflammations are gone.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K deficiency leads to teeth bleeding easily. As Vitamin K helps a lot in blood clotting, bleeding gums issue reduces a lot.

Cold water or ice

Bleeding gums or teeth are not always due to the plague or infection. Sometimes it is just due to an injury and cold water or ice can be worthy enough.

Salt water

Rinse your mouth with salt water as bleeding gums or gum diseases are mostly because of the bacteria. Salt water helps to wipe those bacteria and bleeding gums issue is resolved up to some extent.

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